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Basement Egress Windows Contractor

Basement windows or egress windows not only bring natural light and fresh air to your basement, they can bring a lifesaving escape route in the event of an emergency.

These fire escape basement windows will give you peace of mind while you and your guests are enjoying your basement. Current building code requires the installation of a fire escape basement window on every new home with a basement.

We offer a variety of wells, whether you are doing a new egress window or a window well exchange. Window well design options have come a long way from the standard corrugated steel option that you will find at most homes throughout the Denver metro area.

Basement Egress Window Contractor with Railroad Ties

Egress Window Contractor – Denver, CO

➢ Basement Windows of Denver can offer you a variety of designs and materials to choose from for your egress window installation or window well replacement project. Choose a window well design that fits your interior design theme or that compliments the surrounding environment of your home. Allow us not only to improve the safety of your home, but also the visual appeal.

Egress Window Construction, Design, and Planning

Most older homes do not have basement egress windows that can accommodate an adult utilizing the window as an escape route. There are several beneficial factors when it comes to installing egress windows, and we have already mentioned a few.

Not only do egress windows provide a safe escape and natural fresh air and light, they make your basement more aesthetically pleasing, as well as curb appeal, and these things combined with all of the other positive attributes of an egress window, can add value to your home.

There are many different options for you to consider, for example; placement, size, drainage around your property, design, and natural lighting. These are very important factors, and having a professional company help to assess all of the different factors can be quite assuring. Choosing a licensed, insured, experienced company install your egress windows is a good decision.

Choosing to install an egress window for the many benefits is a GREAT decision for:


  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Exit
  • Natural Light
  • Fresh Air
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Curb Appeal
  • Adds value to your home


How Much Do Egress Windows Cost?

The cost of egress windows can greatly vary in some cases. Egress windows installed by Kruse Construction have many different options and upgrades. Each home is built differently and location and year built also factors into pricing. For example- older homes very have thick foundations, some parts of the city have soil filled with rock and hard clay. We are more than happy to give you an estimate right over the phone. By answering a few simple questions we can give you an accurate estimate. After the initial phone estimate, an onsite appointment will be made so that we can present you with a formal proposal. Our proposals are very detailed so that you know exactly what the project includes.

Call us today for a no-obligation free estimate on egress window costs! 303-955-2969

40/40 Egress Windows and Large Custom Windows

If you want to go a little bit bigger and bolder with you egress window, we can offer you what is called a 40/40. This type of egress window is the one that is larger than the standard and slides open. Sometimes people want to go even larger; in this case we can offer you a window with 3 panes, custom made to fit the look of your basement. All of our windows are offered in various colors and type.

Custom Wells and Finishes

Egress packages come standard with a Bowman Kemp window well; a high quality, sturdy white well. However, we offer a variety of upgraded options such as The Rockwell, and railroad ties. Rail Road Ties, or “timbers” as known to some, can be built in a variety of designs and shapes. They can be custom built to fit your landscaping and personal taste.

Raw Cut

Egress windows can be installed where there is currently no window at all. This process in an upgrade, and comes with a slight price increase due to additional engineering, structural work and labor needed.

Egress Windows in Concrete/Patio/Deck Area

If your current small basement window is currently in a deck or patio, you might be wondering if you can still make it an egress window. You most certainly can! We can even install a raw cut egress window even though there is a deck or a patio, maybe even a sidewalk or driveway. Kruse Construction is equipped to handle it all! Any egress window, no matter where it is, we can deliver!

Egress windows not only bring natural light and fresh air to your basement, they can bring a lifesaving escape route in an emergency. These fire escape basement egress windows will give you peace of mind while you and your guests are enjoying your basement. We offer turnkey Egress Installation Services in the Denver Metro area.

Basic 30/40 Basement / Egress Window Installation Package include:


  • Utility Locates
  • Stamped drawing from Professional Engineer (as required by our insurance company and most municipalities)
  • Permit Applications & Permit
  • Excavation and Removal of dirt
  • Protection of basement bedroom from dust and debris
  • Wall sawing concrete to accommodate larger window opening
  • Basement Egress Window- Vinyl Casement, double pane, energy efficient U-value of 0.26
  • Large, high quality Boman Kemp Window Well (other options available)
  • Boman Kemp Window Well (other options available)
  • Window Well Fire Escape Ladder
  • Framing Materials
  • Exterior Trim Work (Interior trim-work also included if applicable at no additional charge)
  • General Labor

LIFETIME WARRANTY- Kruse Construction offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on your egress windows, as well as all of our services, meaning we have you covered for as long as you own the home!


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