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Custom window well covers - Boman Kemp - Metal or Plastic

Custom or Stock Window Well Covers – Metal Mesh or Polycarbonate Plastic

Kruse Construction offers a variety of window well covers for your egress window or window well exchange. The standard Boman Kemp cover is included in all egress packages and available for an additional cost with window well replacements. Upgraded custom covers are also available with egress window and window well packages. Please see pictures and full descriptions of covers below and call 303-955-2969 for current pricing.

Boman Kemp Window Well Grate

The Boman Kemp grate comes standard with every egress window package. It is made of rolled angle iron steel and the safety bars keep large animals and debris from falling in the well.

This grate comes in the color Coppervien and no additional color options are available.

The Boman Kemp grate can support a fair amount of weight and they are sturdy enough to handle moderate foot traffic, however, it is not recommended that these wells are walked on, stood on, or jumped on. There is an option to purchase a clear cover to go over the grate in order to keep out small animals and debris.

Boman Kemp Window Well Mesh Cover

Boman Kemp Plastic Cover

The Boman Kemp clear cover is available as an extra option with all egress window installations. They are designed to keep out small animals, debris and excess water. These clear covers attach to the grate, so they cannot be used as an alternative to the Boman Kemp grate.

Boman Kemp Clear Well Cover

Custom Clear Cover- Lexan

Our custom clear covers are made of Lexan, which is a high impact poly-carbonate. These high quality Lexan covers do not yellow, fade, chip or break and can support up to 400 lbs.

The most common style is flat with a slight slope to prevent water from pooling and lifted a bit on the side to allow fresh air in. They are available in many other styles, such as Atrium and Bubble. They are custom made, so they can accommodate the size, shape or material of most window wells.

Lexan Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

Custom Metal Mesh Grate Cover

Custom metal mesh grates are constructed of strong, rust free steel and can support up to 400 lbs. They are custom finished with a durable powder coating that is available in a variety of colors.

These covers allow maximum light and ventilation while keeping small animals and debris out of your window well. This style is available for any well shape size or material, and they are strongly recommended for decks and patios. The option to flatten the tabs allows them to lay flush, minimizing tripping hazards.

Custom Metal Window Well made of Metal


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