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Do You Have Rusted Out Window Needs Replaced?

Basement Windows of Denver by Kruse Construction also specializes in window well replacements, also called window well exchanges.

From the smaller wells in older homes to the large ones in the newer homes, we can do it all! In most cases, we can provide a bid and a formal proposal via email, making the process convenient for you.

In the event that we deem it necessary, or if the homeowner requests it, we will do an onsite consultation, but in most cases, it is not warranted.

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Rusted Window Well Rusted Out Needs Replaced


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Why is my window well rusting?

Most window well replacements are needed due to deteriorating, rusting wells. It is commonly found in homes built in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s and these homes are typically located North or South of the metro area in cities like Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, Broomfield and Arvada to name a few. It can happen to just one well, several, or all of them, leaving you wondering why this is happening.

In short- Your builder installed the window wells incorrectly. This can be very frustrating for homeowners because, unfortunately, builders very rarely take any kind of responsibility for the issue, leaving you holding the bag. Window wells are attached with bolts, if any of the bolts touch the rebar inside of the foundation and/or the well itself is in direct contact with the metal window buck (the trim-like piece surrounding your window) then it’s a recipe for disaster, especially considering the low quality wells some builders use.

Due to the metal to metal contact, the process of electrolysis begins on the dirt side of your well, causing the well to rust, easily eating through the flimsy well. Think of the rust like you would the tip of the iceberg, the majority of it is not visible to you. The rusting starts on the dirt side and eventually rusts through to the front/visible side, meaning there is quite a bit more rust than what you can see.

Other reasons to replace your window well…

You also may want to replace your window well because your current well does not meet code. In order for the well to be egress window code complaint, the projection of the window well should be 36”. This is especially important if the window well we are replacing is in a bedroom area or may be one in the future. Perhaps you think you don’t need one because your finished basement does not include a bedroom, but according to code, any basement over 200 square feet must have at least one safety escape route such as an egress an egress window, regardless if there is a bedroom or not.

In these cases, we highly recommend that you upgrade to make your window well code compliant.

Perhaps you are embarking on a landscaping project; this is another good time to consider replacing your window well. A lot of times landscapers will suggest that you replace your window well before encasing them in cement/decks/extensive landscaping. Or maybe you just want to upgrade your well to a more attractive well. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered!

We won’t let it happen again!

A lot of our customers are concerned about going through the process and then having the same problem again the future, but rest assured you are in good hands with Basement Windows of Denver. We take several steps to ensure that repeated electrolysis is avoided at all cost. This includes using a wider window well so we can avoid the rebar, sealing techniques and a high quality, thick well with a white waterproof coating just to name a few.

Along with all of our preventative measures, we do a test before and after installation for further insurance. We also warranty our work for your peace of mind.

Do I have to replace my rusted well?

The era of the internet allows access to endless information, but sadly some of the information we encounter on the internet is not accurate. While there may be some other reasons for damaged window wells, the majority of the time it’s rusting due to electrolysis. There is information on the web saying the reason is due to wear and tear, weather and water damage. There are suggestions out there to paint it, seal it and cover it. This is NOT accurate information; in fact, this could make things even worse.

Painting over the unsightly damage or installing a decorative window well liner is only a “Band-Aid Solution” and is not recommended at all. Window Well liners, not to be confused with the window well itself, are strictly for decorative purposes and would not allow you to see the damage in order for you to continue to monitor the problem.

There is no way to stop the rusting window well, so it will continue to worsen, to the point where it is in danger of collapsing, causing you more headaches and financial burden. Window well liners can also retain moisture and elements which increases the rate at which the well rusts, so we don’t recommend using them at all.

Another consideration when looking to replace your wells is the surrounding areas…

Is the window well encased in cement or a deck? Is there an AC unit nearby? What about trees, bushes, and other landscaping? Concerned about a sprinkler system? Basement Windows of Denver by Kruse Construction has experienced crew members and staff to help you deal with any possible obstacles. It is not uncommon for us to experience these types of issues, so rest assured you are in good hands!


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