Window Well Replacement Quote Worksheet

Window Well Replacement Quote Worksheet


Please provide the following measurements (they must be in INCHES from an EXISTING WELL).

How to Measure Window Well Width

Width (side to side) from the widest point, typically this is the part of the well that is closest to the foundation.

How to Measure Window Well Projection

Projection (in to out) measure from the middle of the arch/outer rim of existing well/structure).

How to Measure Window Well Height

Height (up to down) we realize there may be some dirt/rocks preventing you from getting an accurate measurement, but we will be able to tell the exact size from the dirt level.


2 photos per well from the outside/exterior

*Please remove covers or any other obstructions*

How to Take Photo Looking Down the Well

Photo #1 Looking down the well (from the exterior) right above it capturing the rim of the well so that we can see the window and down inside of the well.

How to Take Photo Standing Back

Photo #2 Standing back about 10 to 20 feet/straight on view so we can get a good visual of the surrounding. (This will help us to assess drainage and grade, obstructions & access).

Helpful Hint: Hold your camera horizontal/landscape style.


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